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Inclusion at first sight

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Inclusion at first sight

Inclusive education is an education system that caters to the needs of all students, regardless of ability or accommodation needs, ensuring that no student is excluded. Implementation of inclusive education programs requires teachers, curriculum, school facilities, classrooms, playgrounds, transportation, and other interactive learning programs to be appropriate for all children. In other words, there is neither discrimination nor segregation, considering that the adverse effects of separating children with disabilities from their non-disabled peers outweigh any potential benefits.

Before watching this video I had no idea about inclusive education and how to teach special kids. I thought that special kids should study at home or with other special kids. But after watching yhis videos I understand how it`s important to teach special kids with normal kids.

In this videos we learnt about Fin education program. And how they treat their special kids. Education is also very inclusive, helping children learn,develop and find their own place in real  life.

They have 3 stages of learning. The first stage is called General Support and that is for every student.

The second stage is Intensified Support. There we can get a special teacher to come to do some co-teaching and consult the classroom teacher.

The last third stage is Special Support. And it is for children with moderate to severe special needs.

I agree with curriculum. I think the schools in Finland have found a very cool way to teach children of different abilities or differences.

I liked how they select teachers in Finland, So someone who really wants to be teacher could be a teacher and they have to study for 6 years and every teacher should have masters degree.

Also I liked the idea of co-teaching. One teacher could explain theme of the lesson and other will pay attention to the students.

Its more traditional when students keep silence and don`t move during the lesson. But in Finland  students could move during the lesson. I think that some students should move to remember the information.

And they say that there is no exact place to study, students can study everywhere they want. That every place is learning place.

Thus, in the Finnish inclusive school, the object of adaptation is the educational environment, not the student. A key figure in the implementation of inclusive education is the teacher, but in order to effectively provide students with the necessary support, teachers need to work together with other colleagues.

Each secondary school has special teachers, teacher assistants, social workers, and a nurse on its staff. In addition to teachers, consultants work in the classroom, and assistants (university students) and specialists in working with children with special needs help the teacher in the classroom. Advisors - teacher assistants - are assigned to all classes in which children who require special attention study. At a time when the teacher is busy organizing and conducting the educational process, the assistant-consultant assists the student in solving educational tasks and communicating with peers.


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