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The future of some jobs

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The future of some jobs

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Бузарова Зарина Эдуардовна

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Москва 2018

The future of some jobs

The future ... What is it, the profession of the future?

Reflecting on this issue, we come to the list of prestigious works that people are seeking, making them popular at the moment. But at the moment the changes are very, very fast. It may turn out that tomorrow, those professions that today almost nobody remembers will be in demand.

Relying on information about popular professions, you can choose an industry in which there is already a clear excess of specialists. It is considered better not to choose outdated professions. However ... who determines whether the profession is considered obsolete or not?

Teacher ... Obsolete this profession or not?

In my opinion, no. This profession was, is and will be relevant. That is, we can say that the teacher is the profession of the future. "Why?" - Some will ask. And I will answer. The man of the future is a man ... greedy, yes, greedy ... to knowledge, impressions, events. And it is the teacher who is able to quench this thirst, to open access to us, so that we can look at the world with wide-open eyes. In addition, young parents often over-protect children, creating a "greenhouse system" around the child. A teacher, a good teacher teaches us that we need to learn how to be an enemy. This may seem strange. But yes. An enemy ... not for close people, no. To be able to collapse with all its might to ignorance, meanness, hypocrisy. That's what it's all about. I think this is necessary for modern young people and the future generation. How often, in the examples of fiction, does the teacher show us that ... and one in the field is a warrior, each of us must be an enemy of meanness, ignorance ... In the walls of the school near you teachers come to understanding, sometimes it is useful to be angry with yourself, to the situation. From the teacher you can hear: "Have disagreed, ... and force yourself to learn!" Someone, maybe not immediately understand this. But the teacher says that the anger sometimes mobilizes. How is it, my neighbor realized, already got a good mark, and I ... Make me take myself by the collar and shake to not dare to stop, turn aside or, worse still, go back. This character trait is important in everyday life. That is, the teacher at school today helps us in the future to achieve high results ... Is not that important ?! So how can you say that the profession of the teacher is not the profession of the future? And the teacher of literature, and the teachers of the basics of life safety, and the teacher of physical culture - all teachers tell us that it is important to pass exams well, like parents, but ... parents sometimes scold more because they love, because with "bad scenario "will have to spend money on paid training, they worry about us ... This is understandable. At that moment teachers strongly support us, they say that we must love life with all "pleasures" and troubles. We must live a full life. Be generous. Give others, first of all - parents, their energy, love, ability to be surprised. The modern world, I think, and the future world of mercantile people. It's scary ... What will happen if people around are insincere, unresponsive, able to pass by someone else's pain ??? Teacher ... the teacher teaches us that we are not blinded. An ordinary schoolteacher spends his weekends and goes with children to the theater, because "the soul must work"; the teacher goes with the class and gets acquainted with the pupils of the organization "Cat and Dog"; the teacher goes to suburban excursions so that we come into contact with the world of nature of our native land; the teacher "pushes" us to participate in various competitions, and we thus develop as individuals, free personalities, developed individuals, capable of socialization.


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