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Письменное задание №1

Exercise 1

Translate these sentences into Russian.

1. There are a few police officers near the car. Около автомобиля есть несколько полицейских.

2. There are a few people who will be questioned. Есть несколько человек, которые будут опрошены.

3. There is a very important question he would like to ask. Есть очень важный вопрос, который он хотел бы задать.

4. There will be many problems with this young man. Будет много проблем с этим молодым человеком.

5. I am sure there were some witnesses. Я уверен, что были некоторые свидетели.

6. There can be a few witnesses who saw all that. Может быть несколько свидетелей, которые видели все это.

Exercise 2

Translate these sentences into English.

1. В университете Оксфорда в учебном году 3 три семестра. There are 3 three semesters in the school year in the University of Oxford.

2. В Московском университете МВД России 35 кафедр. There are 35 departments at the Moscow University of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia.

3. В нашем университете 7 филиалов. There are 7 branches in our university.

4. Здесь много специально оборудованных лабораторий, спортзал и библиотека. There are many specially equipped laboratories, a gym and a library.

5. В 1924 году, когда Гувер стал директором ФБР, в этой организации было 650 сотрудников. There were 650 employees when Hover in 1924 became the director of the FBI.

6. Существует много специальных программ подготовки полицейских. There are many special programs of training of police officers.

7. В университете есть много возможностей для занятий спортом. There are many opportunities for sports activities in the university.

Exercise 3

A police officer is asking information about a missing person.

Complete these questions, reading the information of the answers.

1. When was the last time you spoke to the disappeared? I phoned her yesterday afternoon.

2. Why did she leave that night? She left because we quarreled.

3. Where did she say she would go? She went to London.

4. Did you see her yesterday? No, I didn't see her yesterday.

5. What did she take with her when she left? She took only a briefcase with her.

6. Who knows that she went to London?

I didn’t t tell anyone about it.

7. When did you call the police? I called the police at midnight.

Exercise 4

Translate these word combinations into English.

его имя - his name ее слово – her word наш юрист - our lawyer ее фамилия - her last name моя ошибка - my mistake наша работа - our work

их преподаватель - their teacher наш университет - our university его преступление - his crime наш урок - our lesson их пример - their example их безопасность - their safety мой диплом - my diploma мой друг – my friend наши тексты - our texts ее компьютер - her computer его телефон - his telephone их книга - their book его ум - his mind наши абитуриенты - our applicants его бюро - his office его обязанности - his duties его подчиненные - his subordinates его ФБР - his FBI

Exercise 5

Insert appropriate possessive pronouns.

1. Our auditorium is on the ground floor.

2. We are going to have a party and want to invite all yours friends.

3. John is a police officer. He enjoys his job, he says it is exciting.

4. I really like mountain climbing, it is my favorite sport.

5. I live with my mother and father.

6. Give me your copybook, please.

7. The number of our apartment is 112.

8. Do you like your job?

9. I like tennis. It is my hobby.

10. I want to phone the Jacksons. Do you know their phone number?

Exercise 6

Study the following verbs.


to say something to tell somebody something to speak

что-либо кому-либо что-либо на каком-либо


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