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The structure, tasks and powers of the police

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The structure, tasks and powers of the police

(Структура, задачи и полномочия полиции)


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Introduction        3

Fundamentals of the Russian police        4

Conclusion        10

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Even today, police officers honorably carry out their responsible mission — protecting the life, health, rights and freedoms of citizens of the Russian Federation, foreign citizens, stateless persons, countering crime, protecting public order, property and ensuring public safety. The main principles of police activity are observance and respect for human and civil rights and freedoms, legality, impartiality, openness and publicity, public trust and support of citizens, interaction and cooperation. «The police in their activities today are obliged to use the achievements of science and technology, information systems, communication networks, as well as modern information and telecommunications infrastructure»[1].

Russia is moving along the path of progress, life priorities and moral foundations are changing, significant socio-political transformations are taking place, legislation is being improved. But as before, the police profession requires from those who have devoted their lives to it, courage and high efficiency, analytical mind and great endurance, multiplied by deep knowledge, professional skills, high culture, compliance with the requirements of professional ethics.

Fundamentals of the Russian police


The Russian Ministry of the Interior is headed by the Minister for the Interior and seven deputy ministers

«The Ministry carries out its activities directly and/or through its system of chief directorates for the federal districts, ministries, chief directorates and directorates of the constituent territorial entities of the Russian Federation, internal affairs directorates (offices) for rail, water and air transport, directorates (offices) in restricted administrative-territorial entities and for especially important and restricted facilities, district directorates for logistic and military support as well as the bodies charged with the command and control of the interior forces and the formations and military units of the interior forces»[2].

The principal autonomous structural subdivisions of the Ministry's central apparatus are:

The Investigation Committee, whose essential mandate covers the formulation of proposals on the framing of the State's policy with regard to the investigation of criminal activities and the organization of the work of the preliminary investigation authorities;

The Criminal Investigations Department, which in addition to its other work supervises in terms of organization and methods the criminal investigation units of the criminal police authorities in the constituent territorial entities of the Federation;

The Logistics Department, which provides support and performs the functions of a ministry in formulating and implementing State policy in the areas of logistic and medical support, information technology and communications within the system of the Ministry of the Interior;

The Personnel Department, which is responsible for supervising the personnel divisions of the internal affairs authorities and the Ministry of the Interior's educational establishments;

The Department of Economic Security, one of whose basic tasks is to adopt measures to combat tax-related and economic crimes;

The Organizational and Inspectorate Department, whose principal responsibilities include the analysis and planning of the Ministry's operational activities and also the organization of oversight and auditing activities within the system of the Ministry of the Interior;

The Road Safety Department;

The Financial and Economic Department, which is involved in the formulation and implementation of government policy with regard to the financing of the internal affairs authorities, the interior forces and the Federal Migration Service;

The Transport Law Enforcement Department;

The Restricted Territories and Restricted Facilities Law Enforcement Department.

Within the Ministry's central apparatus there are a number of other divisions, such as the Organized Crime and Terrorism Department, the Legal Department, the Administrative Department, the Higher Centre for Information and Analysis, the Forensic Centre and the Department for State Protection of Property. The Ministry's central apparatus also includes the All Russia Scientific Research Institute of the Ministry of the Interior.

Together with the internal affairs agencies of the Russian Federation, the Federal service of the National Guard troops helps to maintain public order, protect important government facilities and goods in shipment belonging to the State, and ensure public safety and the observance of states of emergency. The Ministry's interior forces assist the border troops of the Federal Security Service (FSB) in protecting the State borders of the Russian Federation and also take part in the territorial defence of the Russian Federation and in measures to combat terrorism on Russian territory.

The Ministry of the Interior (MVD) is a federal agency of the executive branch of the Government of the Russian Federation, which is responsible for the formulation and implementation of State policy in the area of internal affairs, including migration, and for the regulation of that area on the basis of legal instruments and laws. Within its area of competence, the Ministry ensures the protection of human and civil rights and freedoms, the maintenance of public order and road safety, in addition to preventing, uncovering, interdicting and investigating crimes and administrative infractions.


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