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Brands for future

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Лисова А.В., бак. 1 к.

Воронежский Государственный Университет

Brands for future

 The object of the research is to explain which brands will exist and be working. However, there is a point of view that the time of brands is coming to an end as far as the world market is filled of small and global companies products, so brands are going to lose their important role. Statistical data are studied, conclusion has been received.

Firstly, global market has been analyzed. From the top-10 2007 data, 50% were companies, which produce high technologies. In 2011 Apple, Google and Hewlett-Packard became leaders. In 2015 Apple was declared to be the most popular brand in the world. Preliminary results were examined to have presented that global brands make gadgets, social nets and products in IT-sphere mostly. This area special characteristic has been investigated to feel and understand the requirements of the world current events. Analytical skills, talent to react on changes quickly give these brands enormous advantages.    

Modern market researches do not find the place of brands manufacturing to be very important when a brand is going to be purchased. Consumers are not attracted by logos, labels and the country of manufacturing. The brand and its idea is a core of consumers’ choice. Consequently, social aspects are and still going to be more popular than others. The very real brand should be unique, wanted and to have high  quality.

Tests and experiments have been compared and results proved that brands should follow and reflect clients desires as far as modern life has fast rhythm forcing people to be cost and comfort conscious. Obviously, companies which follow this idea will never lose popularity and success.

Global brands were analyzed earlier. New technologies are developed by big companies. This tendency has existed for a long time. People prefer the idea: “The newest – the better”. Last inventions are being bought but all functions and opportunities are not used. Constant generation of novelties is a finished business strategy. Consequently, such brands are going to be leaders.

 Brands development has been presented. Firstly, every day requirements will be satisfied, life will be more comfortable and easier.  Secondly, high technologies will be constantly invented and the opportunities of the Internet will be broaden. Научный руководитель –ст.преп.Ларина Е.Б.


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