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Контрольная работа по "Английскому языку"

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A test

  1. Put the bracketed expressions into the sentences and chose the correct tense.

1. I (like) sport. (always)

I've always liked sports

2. I’m sorry for her. She (have) bad luck. (all her life)

She has not been bad luck all her life

3. I (want) to be a doctor. (until I was fifteen)

Until I was fifteen I wanted to be a doctor

4. He (be) unemployed. (ever since he left school)

Since he dropped out of school, he has become unemployed

5. What (do) you. (for the last two hours)?

What have you done in the last two hours?

6. (you live) in this town? (How long)

How long have you lived in this city

7. I (not work) very hard. (when I was at university)

When I was at university, I didn't work so hard

8. How long you (know) your boyfriend?

How long have you known your boyfriend

9. He was ill before Christmas, but he (be) fine. (since then)

He got sick before Christmas and he has been fine ever since

10. I (have) trouble sleeping. (all this week)

I'm having trouble sleeping this week

11. I (have) trouble sleeping. (all last week)

I had trouble sleeping last week

12. I (learn) a lot. (in this job)

I learned a lot from this job

13. She (learn) Arabic (for five years).

She learned Arabic in five years

14. It (rain) (for two hours) already.

It's been raining for two hours

15. My boyfriend and I (know) each other. (for ages)

My boyfriend and I have known each other for four years

16. He (run) away from school three times (when he was fourteen)

When he was fourteen he ran away from school three times

17. (in those days), Andrew (come) to stay with us most weekends.

Then Andrew came to stay with us all weekend

18. Would you believe I (make) twenty-three phone calls (today)?

Would you believe that I made twenty-three phone calls today?

19. (since my brother lost his job), he (write) two books.

Since my brother lost his job, he has written two books

20. Shakespeare (write) poems as well as plays.

Shakespeare writes not only plays, but also poems.

21. How many times (you be) in love?

How many times have you been in love?

22. Amazing news! Scientists (discover) a new planet.

Amazing news! Scientists have discovered a new planet.

23. My great-grandmother (live) in Glasgow.

My great-grandmother lives in Glasgow.


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