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                «An old friend I knew»


«It was my dream house»

Looking for a home for my sister on the Internet, I came across my dream house. It was detached house, which located in suburban area. Therefore, there is quiet and peaceful. Moreover, the house was faced to the mountains. Fact that the free space surrounding the building is private to the owner made me being on the ninth cloud. However, after few seconds thought about all repairs and maintenance of the house and lot is at the expense of owner upset me. But the fact that my sister didn't like the house upset me even more.  


                «My favorite sports activity»


«Outstanding sportsman»

I do not even know why, but when I hear the word “outstanding sportsman”, I always remember Genadi Golovkin. This is probably due to the fact that I often watched matches of this boxer with my father. Moreover, he is a man whom almost all Kazakh people know. His matches are always unforgettable. There was a fight which remained in my memory for a long time. I first saw how Genadi Golovkin knocked someone out. However, it seemed to me a bit cruelly. As I am not fond of box I did not enjoying watching this sport.


                «My first visit to doctor»

This was the first time I visited a doctor because of my leg. In the beginning, I thought it was a bruised leg, because I could move foot. However, my ankle was swollen and it lasted for several days. For this reason, I went to our family doctor with my mom. As usual for doctors he examined me, took my pulse and checked the temperature. Subsequently, he sent me to a specialist to arrange for me to have some more tests. Moreover, I did X-rays. I hit my leg in the closet making an x-ray. Therefore, I knew that this time I definitely broke my leg


«Eating Pizza Every Day: good or bad?»


                «My first yoga class»


«A broken arm»


«The day we went to play football with my brother»


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