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Задачи по "Английскому языку"

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Упражнение № 1. Вставьте нужную форму глагола to have:

1. I have only one younger brother. 2. My friend has got a big dog. 3. We have many problems with him. 4. She has got no time. 5.Do you have grandparents? 6. He has got a good idea. 7. They have vacation in January. 8. Does your sister have a diploma? 9. The girls have many dresses. 10. Who has got a pen?

Упражнение № 2. Задайте вопросы к предложениям:

a) 1.Do you have a cat?- I haven’t a cat. 2. What collection of disks does he have? He has a big collection of compact disks. 3.What books does this person have? This man has many interesting books. 4.What do I have? You have a comfortable flat. 5.How is John doing? John hasn’t a good work. 6.What they have got? They have got a new car. 7.What did he create? She has got a good plan. 8. What do you have? We have a big garden. 9.Did you got it English? I have got English now. 10.What are the results of these athletes? These sportsmen have good results.

b) 1.What does he do with his friends? He has dinner with his friends at a restaurant. 2.Where do you rest? We always have a rest in the Crimea. 3.What do your grandparents do in the garden? My grandparents often have tea in the garden. 4.What time do you have? You have a pleasant time there. 5.What time do you have a break? I have a break at half past twelve.

Упражнение №3. Вставьте отрицание “no” или “not”:

1. Mary has not brothers. 2. I have not time. 3. This pupil has no 4 textbooks. 4. They have no good traditions. 5. He has no this video cassette. 6. You have not choice. 7. Ann has no his letter. 8. She has no pencil. 9. She has not this pencil. 10. We have not 10 minutes.

Упражнение №4. Дайте краткий ответ:

1. Have you got a younger sister? Yes, I have 2. Has your mother a girlfriend? No he hasn’t 3. Have your parents a good profession? Yes I have 4. Has your father a car? No he hasn’t 5. Has a dog a tail? Yes he has


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